About Us

Catchpoint is a labelling systems development company with a mission to finally deliver the pressure sensitive industries long term target…”Linerless”. No other packaging component waste 60% of its input materials. Very convenient; very wasteful.

The team members have long experience both the application and conversion of Pressure Sensitive Labels. Wayne Middleton, now Technical Services Director, built the Label Films activity of Innovia. Mike Cooper, Business Development Director, has been engineering Labelling machines and special converting systems for many years. He created the Global Fix-a-Form franchise in the 1980’s.

Catchpoint’s USP is to exploit micro-perforation technology to improve on the simplicity of the Beak or Peel Plate on which this global business depends. Details are extensively patented and Catchpoint currently licenses major printers, suppliers and end users in Europe, USA and Japan to not only deliver sustainability, but also increased efficiency and anti-counterfeit security.


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