All application developments have been led by European specialists.

Advanced Labelling Systems Ltd.

Their experienced team has produce the production model of the Catchpoint conversion kit which has been developed through several prototype stages over many years and test duties. They promote this conversion of the Avery applicator range pictured extensively in their web-site,

Linerless Labelling – The LA-CA linerless label applicator module for applying Catchpoint labels to products at line-matching speeds, with variable speed- following ability & with excellent placement accuracy.


Schleuter GmbH


This is the impressive location of Schleuter near Bremen. Their conversion of the Herma Servo 400 applicator features extensively in the YouTube video;  Catchpoint Dual Linerless and LeanLiner Applicator.







ILTI Italy

ILTI is a specialist producer of high-speed labelling machines and works closely with Ritrama under the Core Labelling Solutions banner. Their team has originated a rotary system with a dynamic profiled tool to separate Catchpoint labels. The detailed engineering is subject to additional patent filing by ILTI.

They have proved bottle label application to 800 per minute.







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