Decorative Labelling


Decorative labelling presents the biggest challenge to Linerless technologies. Application speeds, accuracy and artwork variations have always proved to be too challenging for final cutting in the applicator.

The only difference between a Catchpoint Linerless decorative label is the unique micro-perforation pattern die cut between printed images to facilitate the simple functionality of the application methods. Most decorative features and 70% of label shapes and sizes can be reproduced, often more efficiently with the elimination of the matrix waste allowing additional images in a print repeat pattern.

Brands can promote genuine sustainability with a distinctive label; a Catchpoint decorative label is a true “Eco –Label”.

If a printed image shape is not possible within a clear rectangular linerless label, Catchpoint labelling systems also ensure that shaped labels with sustainable filmic liners can be applied easily with the same investment.

Licensee Rako’s promotional label used innovative materials and ink and a Catchpoint’s micro-perforation pattern to win both the German Packaging Industry award and a World Star.


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