Decorative labelling with Linerless labels has been a Self-Adhesive industry target for many years. Historically, Pressure Sensitive labels, applied from a waste liner, superceded earlier Heat Activate technology. The convenience of the many applicator models, exploiting the simplicity of the “Beak” or “Peel Plate”, which reduced set up times against glue applied labelling, created a Global industry. An “engineered”die-cut label with new materials and more attractive features carried on the liner overcame cost and waste barriers.

For over 40 years, many have tried to match proven application speeds and accuracy with cutting in the applicator. Apart from Roll Fed Beverage labelling nothing has met the challenge – end users seek sustainability without cutting complexity.

Catchpoint eliminates cutting. A different “engineered” label with Micro-perforations, die cut by the label printer, provides perfect image repeats and a degree of shaping; over 70% of labels are within scope. Accurate separation and application is proven to over 800 per minute.

Learn more using the Function, Delivery and Shape tabs and please submit your current label application details for an evaluation.

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