An Innovation to speed the transition to Linerless by the Printer converting the face of an approved Laminate into a Catchpoint format with Micro-perforations and minimal shaping….and then stripping the Liner from the Linerless reels as they are wound.

This transforms liner recycling. An example is an application of 5 million 50mm x 100mm labels per annum currently needing 610 x 300mm OD reels, and which leave 610 x 103mm wide x 187mm diameter Spent Liner reels for collection from the end user and 4,000 square metres at the printer to dispose with Matrix Waste.

LinerSave logistics and material development potential creates only 14 Reels of Waste Liner 330mm wide x 505mm diameter for convenient recovery and recycling from the printer.

Real Sustainability with Catchpoint.

Both converted from the same Laminate!

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