Mike Cooper presented the latest developments in decorative Linerless conversion from Thinner laminates with Noel Mitchell speaking for UPM Raflatac adding to Core Linerless Solutions.

They introduced the delegates to a “New Pathway to Linerless” with the launch of the new Catchpoint Lean LeanTM label. This novel application method releasing thin face films lacking the essential stiffness to be applied to be applied securely from the beak or peel plate.  This delivers all the logistic and efficiency benefits of these thinner laminates to meet brand owners need for shaped labels by using Catchpoint’s technology to secure application from the PET liner.

Progressing to use the PET liner to protect the inks and transferred to be the release surface of the Linerless label eliminates waste in the packing line and enhances shelf appeal.

New developments in Direct Thermal Linerless were also presented by ETI converting and the Maan group. This part of the market is expanding rapidly showing brand owners retailers and fast food chains that Pressure Sensitive labels can be applied without liners. Evonik has encouraged this growth with innovative UV silicone coatings.

There will be more news and technical updates after Label Expo Chicago.



 Great to read that there is a joint Finat -TLMI project on this vital subject.

In Brazil the major label printing group Baumgarten has already published research data and Catchpoint is pleased to be helping them support their campaign to deliver more sustainable pressure sensitive labelling to their FMCG clients.

Baumgarten 3
Baumgarten completes its first Product Life Cycle Assessment study

Baumgarten has just completed its first Product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study. The company is a pioneer in the subject in the global printing industry, being a forerunner in the application of this methodology in the market. The LCA project was carried out in line with the company’s sustainability strategy, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of its products.

Through LCA, Baumgarten intends to reduce its environmental impact, (i) by choosing suppliers of raw materials and inputs that value environmental issues, (ii) by executing improvement projects that aim the reduction of water and electricity consumption, (iii), and by providing its customers product options that cause less environmental impact.

This first study compares the use of two different liners – PET and Glassine – and measures the environmental impacts from the extraction of raw materials until the delivery to the customer. Thus, it is possible to reduce the environmental impact throughout the supply chain, offering the customer purchase options for labels with reduced environmental impact but with the same quality and competitiveness.

The study was developed with the consultancy of SENAI Tecnologia Ambiental (Blumenau – Brazil), and reviewed by Geoklock Consultoria Ambiental e Enegenharia Ambiental. Some preliminary results show that there is a reduction of up to 15% in equivalent CO2 emissions and up to 20% in the generation of solid waste, depending on the type of material used as liner for its labels. In the coming weeks, Baumgarten will post more information about the study.

Catchpoint has proven pressure sensitive labelling methods to both eliminate liner waste at the end user by supporting the industry’s efforts to convert these lower carbon footprint thin laminates into Linerless labels, and now to ensure these same materials can be applied in a wide variety of shapes, even with the liner retained through installed applicators.

For more information about the complete range of more sustainable – and efficient – methods contact Catchpoint or Baumgarten direct.


Mike Cooper Catchpoint’s Business Development Director will moderate a panel discussion.

Mike has previously introduced Linerless technology at AWA Conferences posing the question “Threat of Opportunity”. He has also asked if the Industry faces a “The King has no Clothes” moment in relation to packaging sustainability. Now is a time for a Reality Check.

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RELEASE LINER INDUSTRY SEMINAR. September 28th 2015 Brussels.

Linerless Label Panel:

“Linerless…A Reality Check.”


Scott Fisher, President, Smyth Companies, LLC. USA      Jakob Landberg, Sales & Marketing Director, Nilpeter. Denmark.      Jeffrey Arippol, President, Novelprint Brazil.

“Are linerless decorative labelling technologies a threat or an opportunity?  While threats from alternative decoration technologies are a reality, opportunity emerges with the conversion of decorative linerless labels from original laminates.  Introduced by Ritrama as Core Linerless Solutions, this development continues to benefit the existing Industry Value chain.

Mike Cooper will moderate this panel discussion among industry leaders familiar with these new opportunities, to engage with seminar delegates and assess where and how this re-invention of Mactac originated technology can affect our industry’s target to deal with the waste burden”.

New Anti-Counterfeit Security.

Detailed reviews with end users and licensees has identified that the functionality of the unique Catchpoint micro-perforation patterns can offer additional security benefits.


In this magnification the regular pattern of 0.2mm ties and 0.6mm cuts of the original label is readily confirmed. An individual pattern for a label consists of such repeat patterns and additional wider “starter slit” groups which match the tool profiles used to unzip and separate the label as it is applied at speed. These groups also add well defined measurable dimensions.

These patterns, particularly in clear film labels are not obvious on the shelf. Subtle changes over time or batch to batch can be used to outwit the counterfeiter without any need to change separation tools.

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