Print and Apply

Variable printed labels with bar codes and text used for logistics and some prime labelling, all falling under the banner of Print & Apply, are that part of the total pressure sensitive labelling market where Linerless growth is significant.

The basic technology is related to use of Direct Thermal Papers which after release formulations and adhesives are applied in a variety of coating machines, are slit into finished reel widths for printing and application.

Deli scale print & apply with operators tearing off the label against a serrated blade for hand application prove to retailers that Pressure Sensitive Labels can be supplied without waste.

Catchpoint offers 2 alternatives both linked to using the latest laser technology to improve efficiency.


For automated Traded Unit bar code labelling the Direct Thermal Linerless (DTL) is both printed and perforated by the laser at web stop. Speeds of over 50 cases per minute can be achieved. Catchpoint’s application eliminates vacuum or piston transfers. With the proven efficiency of the CO2 laser breakdown risks are dramatically reduced and all the efficiency gains of linerless are fully delivered.



Catchpoint cooperates with Datalase to add variable printing to labels and meet the growing need to improve the logistics for language variants.
Late Stage Customisation across many markets will drive these innovations.

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